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220,000 new jobs to be created in Norway by 2014

Statistics Norway (SSB) predicts that there will be 220,000 new jobs in various sectors by 2014. The thriving Norwegian economy is fuelling a vast increase in demand for foreign professionals from sectors like the private sector, oil and gas industry, fisheries and other commercial firms. Both SSB and Norwegian Central Bank estimate that there would be around 45,000 overseas professional migration per from now till 2014. Opulentus NorwayBetter paying and satisfying jobs and language skills are the most important factor for integration of immigrants. Government is making efforts for smooth integration of migrants by offering concrete proposals in important areas, including employment, education, democracy and social participation. People with skills and experience can move to Norway with a job seeker visa for a better future and high living standards. Norway Job Seeker Visa allows you to move to Norway and look for job for 6 months. Norway. Professionals willing for a brighter future with high pay package in Norway can fill a simple FREE Evaluation Form. Talk to our Norwegian immigration experts on 1800 103 1555 or sms “VISA” to 56263. Share your views and thoughts with us on Facebook.

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