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Advantages of Student Residence Permit in Norway

Norway-Residency-Permit-for-StudentsCurrently, Norway is one of the rising education hubs for the international students of different countries. The students of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland don’t require any study permit for six months stay in Norway.  The students from European economic era and European free trade association are also permitted to do the three-month courses in Norway without the student visa. Remaining all students of various nations must have the Student Residence Permit for Norway.

After the approval of student visa or student resident permit the candidate can able to get the work permit for part time basis. According to the scheme, the student can able to work for 20 hours in a week at Norway. During the holidays and vacation in universities, the students can able to do the full-time works. The students in the universities of Norway are permitted to renew their study permit through the online portal of Norway minimum before one month of its expiry date. The students also have to apply for a part-time work permit before UDI.

The candidate is allowed to apply for a full-time work permit for a limited period if the work is relevant to the study or the work experience is necessary for the future concern or further academics. After the completion of the study, the students of a different nation can eligible to apply for the residence permit. The validity of this resident permit is for six months. This program has been introduced to provide the employment to the Students of Norway universities. The student can prove himself as the skilled worker during his course of study at the university by qualifying some criteria. The qualified trained students from universities of Norway can easily get employed in various sectors at Norway. The students should provide the evidence to provide the financial support for themselves during this tenure.

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