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Are you Interested to Visit Norway? Apply Norway Tourist Visa

Norway-Visit-VisaNorway does have extensive coastline, which faces both  Barents Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.Few people visit Norway without a Visa, but we find most people from nations outside the EU/EEA should apply for a Tourist visa.

Nationals belonging to Schengen states can Travel to Norway and  stay in Norway for period upto 90 days without applying for a visa. This does apply to foreign nationals who have residence permits in one of the Schengen states.

If the individual is exempt from the  Norwegian visa requirement for entering Norway, during a period of 180 days, they can stay in the Schengen area for upto 90 days.  And after a 90 day stay, the individuals cannot return to  Schengen area until a further 90 days have been passed. It is your responsibility to comply with this requirement.

The following individual’s are exempt from the visa requirement

  • Individuals with resident permit or permanent residence permit in Norway.
  • Individuals having refugee travel documents offered by the authorities in Ireland, Malta, the UK or Switzerland, Liechtenstein. Persons having British passports with unlimited rights to enter as well as stay in UK.
  • Individuals who posses British Emergency Travel Document, while transit in Norway and the emergency passport does state that the journey’s destination is UK.
  • Individuals having aviation certificates, when holder travels to Norway and stays in realm in connection with international aviation work.
  • Individuals who have Philippine seafarer’s identification and record or and a Philippine passport used while the individuals takes up a position on a ship in Norwegian port.
  • Stateless individuals, recognized refugees and other individuals without citizenship who reside in an EU nation and who need travel documents issued by the nation.
  • When school pupil take part in school trips which are accompanied by teachers from pupil’s school. And they require visa and live in EU nation which has implemented Council Decision 941/795.
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