Advantages of Student Residence Permit in Norway


Currently, Norway is one of the rising education hubs for the international students of different countries. The students of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland don’t require any study permit for six months stay in Norway.  The students from European economic era and European free trade association are also permitted to do the three-month courses in Norway […]

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Who can Apply to Study in Norway Without a Visa ?


Norway is a popular study destination for international students because Norwegian education offers high-quality education. We find universities, as well as state universities, do not charge tuition fees for both native and international students as govt does finance education with tax payers’ money.  If you are interested to pursue education in Norway, then apply for […]

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Obtain Norway Student Visa and Fulfill Your Educational Goals

Norway is a Nordic country in Europe and commonly referred as ‘’land of the midnight sun’’. Every year, this popular destination attracts people in huge numbers. Mostly, this immigrant population belongs to the student group that is attracted to come to this thrilling destination in order to pursue higher studies. People prefer Norway Education, as […]

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Get Norway Student Visa easily with Opulentus assistance

Home to the world’s top universities, Norway has become the most sought-after educational hub over the recent years. Studying in Norway is a great opportunity that assists to boost your career both personally and professionally. With its standard educational system, excellent infrastructure, and broad range of study and course options, Norway attracts international students to […]

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Plan to Impose Tuition Fees for Non-EU students

The Norwegian coalition government is investigating ways of introducing tuition fees for students from outside the European Union/European Economic Area on the grounds that such fees have already been introduced in Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark. The Ministry of Education is exploring a system that could be adopted in 2015. But Dr Daniel J Guhr, head […]

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