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Employment in Norway is Very Lucrative ! Apply for Norway Work Visa
Posted on: 16 Sep 2015  |   Tags: ,

To qualify for the Norway work visa for the skilled worker they either require vocational training in a skilled occupation or they require education from an university or college Employment in Norway is very lucrative. Hence many people dream to work in Norway or prefer to Migrate to Norway Norway skilled visa Rights as Well as ObligationsEmployment-in-Norway

  • The individuals are eligible to receive residence permit for a period of 1 year to 3 years
  • After completion of 3 years, they can apply for the Permanent residence in Norway
  • Family member can both apply as well as live along with you, in this nation
  • If the individuals intend to begin work of different nature, then they should apply for the new residency permit. The individuals cannot change to type of work, until they have received new permit of residency
  • Incase the individuals plans to change the employers later, then they must check as to what it says in the decision letter offered to them, while providing the residency permit The decision letter would stateWhether the residence permit is valid for
Single employer, which does mean that the individual should wait until they have been offered new residence permit before they start Working for Employer in Norway who are new -Whether the residency permit is not associated to single employer, it means that the individuals can change employers without they applying for new residency permit. They should still undertake similar work.
  • If the individual has been laid off on temporary basis they can stay in Norway as they have been laid off temporarily and they do have residence permit which is valid. They are not required to notify Police or UDI.
  • If the individuals lose their job, then they must notify the police as to where they live within period of 7 days. Later the individual can stay in this nation for upto 6 months in order to few job. The residence permit should be still valid for this period
  • If the individuals get new job, then they must check as what it states in the decision letter, when they were offered residence permit.  In the letter, it would state as whether the individuals is required to wait for the new residency permit before they can start their new job or if they require to notify the police as where they live within 7 days after they start the new job.
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