Northern Norway Enjoys Attention

Rich in natural resources, picturesque Northern cities of Norway, Troms and Finnmark are getting attention from foreign and domestic investors. Sectors like oil and gas, mining, and tourism are the main attraction of these towns.

These cities with scenic beauty get the most tourists compared to any other place in Europe. In fact, there was a rise of 29% in tourism in the first half of 2012 for both the towns.

Mineral and natural resource deposits have attracted investors to invest and develop this area for business establishments, connectivity and transportation.

New roads and bridges connecting Oslo and other neighborhood development cities have been constructed to ease transportation. Housing and local market have also developed to accommodate and serve workers from other areas joining these upcoming companies.

International oil and gas industries will come with their facilities and will hire skilled and unskilled professionals from the sector. Mining workers will also be in demand with upcoming projects in these places.

People with education and relevant work experience in these sectors can look for jobs and settle in Norway.

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