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Home to the world’s top universities, Norway has become the most sought-after educational hub over the recent years. Studying in Norway is a great opportunity that assists to boost your career both personally and professionally. With its standard educational system, excellent infrastructure, and broad range of study and course options, Norway attracts international students to its shores. Foreign students who wish to study in Norway must obtain a Norway Student Visa to enter the country.

Norway Student Visa

Indian students who wish to study in Norway must apply for a Norway Student Visa if their course duration is more than three months. Students who require a visa to enter the country need to obtain a visa even if their course duration is less than three months. However, the requirements and procedures of Norway Student Visa depend completely on your place of origin.

Norway Student Visa requirements

Students who wish to apply for Norway Student Visa must be offered a place at a college or university. The following are the few conditions that need to be satisfied by the applicants:

  • Acceptance letter
  • Adequate funds to meet your expenses and your family members during their stay in the country
  • Proof stating that you will leave the country when your residence permit expires

If you meet the aforesaid criteria and interested to apply for Norway Student Visa, the best thing you can do to make your visa process simple is to approach Opulentus. Equipped with accredited visa professionals, Opulentus is a good immigration consultancy that offers exceptional immigration services to potential aspirants. So, make you process much simple and hassle-free through Opulentus.

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