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How to Apply For Norway Student Visa from India

Norway has been a dream destination for students in India and for many students across the world, Students from Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, don’t need a student visa for Norway. Apart from those countries if an Indian student aspire to study in Norway for duration of more than six months, all you have to first report to a tax office in Norway for an ID check so as to start a process to Norway.

Norway is one of the fast emerging destinations. Students come to this country in search of lucrative career prospects and opportunities. Norway student visa offers a lot of benefits to the students who come for Education.

How to Apply For Norway Student Visa from India

In order to get a student visa all a student has to apply for a student residence visa permit if they want to study in Norway if the study duration is more than six months. As the requirement and process for obtaining a student residence will vary depend on the country that you come from.

Perquisites to get a Norway student visa 

To get a student visa for Norway, you must be associated to a field of study at a college or any registered university. Some students can apply online and hand over the form by hand to Norwegian embassy, and also provide your passport, along with other necessary documents.

Mandatory Documents to be submitted

  • A completed online application form
  • The Application fee paid receipt
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of admittance to an approved(full-time) education program
  • Proof of adequate financial funds for total period of study
  • Proof of stay in Norway like a house or apartment
  • A written note that you will leave Norway as your residence visa expires

What does Norwegian student Visa have in offering?

As you’re granted with Norway student and residence permit, you are granted a part time work of up to 20 hours a week, along with your studies and the students can work for full time on University vacations/breaks. A student can renew study permit through the online application portal one month before the date of visa expiry, for part time work renewal a student has to contact the UDI for renewal.

When to apply for residence permit in Norway

After completion of once studies, he will become eligible to apply for a residence permit of up to six months, in which he can get employment as a skilled worker. All you have to prove that you have become a skilled and qualified worker during the stay in Norway.

An Indian student planning to give wings to his overseas carrier can choose to apply Norway student visa from India.

Norway student visa process is easy for Indian applicants who have all the documents ready.

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