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Norway witnesses an increase in petroleum production by 8% in the first six months of 2012, in comparison to last year’s output. Four new oil and gas fields have started producing giving a boost to the output.Opulentus According to the reports by Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), there is 19% more gas output and 17% more NGL and condensate. Major players in Oil & Gas fields have dominated Norway’s energy sector. Eni controlled Marulk gas field in Norwegian Sea, Dong administered Oselvar gas field in North Sea, the BG Norge worked oil and gas field Gaupe in the North Sea, and the Total controlled gas field Islay in North Sea. This increased output of gas and oil has given a boost to rise in jobs in this sector.  Skilled labors in petroleum and gas sector are high in demand. Companies are looking for skilled labors in this sector and are hunting for talent to suit their specific needs. With this rise in requirement in Norway's oil & gas sector, skilled professionals like oil & gas engineers can consider Norway as the promising country to relocate & settle. Norway's Job Seeker Visa is the best avenue for these professionals to migrate to Norway and settle there as a skilled worker. Check your eligibility for Norway, just fill our Free Evaluation Form. You can also call our experts at 1800 103 1555. For more information just log on to www.facebook.com/norwayvisas or www.norwayvisas.com

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