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Norway an awesome country for the immigrants
Posted on: 16 May 2016  |   Tags: Norway Immigration , Norway Visas ,

Norway visasNorway is recognized for being one of the happiest countries to live in overall. The usual Norwegian's disposable personal income is $31,459 USD, considerably below that of the U.S. But Norway has one of the lowest unemployment rates, just 3.4%, making it a top country in which to find a job.

The demand for workers in Norway is usually quite high. This is also an extremely safe country in which to live, with very low crime rates. Health care in Norway is available to all citizens, with free public health care in addition to private services. Many Norwegian workers enjoy a paid, month-long summer vacation every year. Everybody have rights to 5 weeks vacation and many take out 3 weeks in the summertime and maybe 1 week in the winter/spring and 1-week autumn.

Norwegians has also a lot of Christian holidays throughout the year. The workweek there is 37.5 hours long as compared to other country's 40-hour workweek. The country has gorgeous natural beauty and some of the purest water on earth to drink. The social benefits in Norway are strong for the unemployed that do exist. Overall the salaries are high, as are the standards of living.

There are several international institutions are located in Norway. The universities of Norway have offered several courses for the international students. The scholastic methods of Norwegian universities are strictly following the international curriculums. The international students from the Norwegian universities have good employment opportunities. Many international students are wishing to pursue their higher education in the Norwegian universities because of its standard of living, employment opportunities and the beautiful climatic condition The strong economy and the various facilities of this nation are increasing the immigration rate of the country. Peoples from various domains prefer to reside at Norway. In the present scenario Norway is one of the ideal nations for the immigrants.

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