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Norway Facilitates testing of Thorium: the next big thing in energy
Posted on: 01 Jan 2013  |   Tags: ,

Norwegian government in partnership with U.S.-based Westinghouse and Norway’s Thor Energy are facilitating the testing of the next potential energy source: Thorium. Opulentus NorwayThorium boosters have numerous advantages than the traditional nuclear energy generated by Uranium. Advantages are:

  • 3-4 times more abundant than uranium
  • More power can be generated from thorium than uranium.
  • Thorium waste can be re-used as nuclear fuel
  • Thorium plants are also considered to be meltdown-proof
Other nations that are actively evaluating the potential of thorium are China and India. Norway takes interest in alternate energy sources despite having a huge and rich oil and gas sector.  Explore the opportunities available in Norway. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form. Talk to our Norway experts at 1800 103 1555 Connect with us on Facebook. Visit Opulentus for detailed information.

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