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Norway says NO to deforestation!
Posted on: 06 Jul 2016  |   Tags: Norway says no to deforestation ,

Norway-was-the-First-Country-to-say-no-to-DeforestationThere was a time when earth was covered one- third, with forests. It provided a natural infrastructure for the most diverse life forms. As per the record, it supported countless species and also1.6 billion human livelihoods, which is quite an astounding number! However not respecting this favour,  humans have been  deforesting 32 MILLION ACRES of forests every year. The forests of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea are getting depleting at a very high rate.

They give us the most  important fuel to our life “Oxygen” and that too  free of cost! They let 80% of biodiversity survive on earth; right from rare animals to all the endangered species everybody makes a balance the ecosystem thanks to these forests. The constant climatic changes like melting of ice caps, un-seasonal rains, droughts etc are a direct result of deforestation.

In spite of the above facts, we humans are  cutting them down at such tremendous rates. Why? Well the only answer is  Wood; which is a necessary requirement of our lives and can’t be removed from our lives! Thousands of activities we do in our daily life are dependent on  items made out of wood.

A breeze of relief and hope swooped through the nature lovers across the world, when the Norwegian Government announced  “They will no longer buy products that are associated with Tropical Deforestation," which means that parliament is not going to grant any kind contract to a company that deals with cutting and destroying of forests for personal greed.

Many countries announced that they would not take any goods which are products of deforestation, but no government could stand on their word. That makes Norway the first country to commit to the ‘zero deforestation’ policy. From this day onwards every product that comes in Norway will go through austere requirements.

Norway is calling other countries like UK and Germany to reciprocate in the movement. It requires so much strength and to do this because we are after all saving the ‘Lungs of the Blue Marble.' Lucky for humanity, that Norway has taken a step on the right path.


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