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Norway Visit Visa - Apply to Visit Schengen Areas For 90 days

Norway-Visit-VisaNorway Visit Visa - Planning to take a break from your hectic schedule? Mulling on to visit a place that is surrounded with resplendent natural attractions, picturesque beaches, high-rise buildings and think forest? Then travel to Norway to make your itinerary more fruitful. An overseas individual who aspires to make a visit to Norway has to obtain the visitor visa of the province. In general, this special visa class lets an overseas individual to visit the province for a duration of 90 days. As Norway is one among many EU nations that has taken part in Schengen co-operation, individuals belonging to the provinces of EAA / EU need not require any visa to travel Norway.  However, he or she must be able to submit an official document that will support in creating the identity.

An added advantage of this special visit visa class is that he or she is permitted to travel to the European nation like Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Finland, Greece, Estonia, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia and Malta without any constraints.

In general, Schengen visa is applicable for single as well as the multiple entries. Initially, an overseas traveller has issued a single entry visa. And those who have well-documented and adhered to the visa regulations of Norway during their last visits will be granted with the multiple entry visas of the province. And individuals those moving on business purposes will be offered with a visa that is valid for five years.

However, he or she has to meet the minimum prerequisites of Norway visit visa

Basic Requirements of Norway Visit Visa

  • Must hold a valid passport
  • Possess sufficient financial funds to support themselves during their stay
  • Valid proofs of onward and return tickets and hotel reservations tickets
  • Must possess the valid proof of health coverage, amounting to around 30,000 Euros

Norway Visit Visa Eligibility

  • Purpose of an individual overseas visit must be for sightseeing or for visiting their friends and family
  • Must not engage in any of the short-term or long-term works during your visa-free stay
  • Must not be under criminal or police records

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