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Norway Visit Visa is mandatory to visit Norway

Norway Tourist Visa from India All Indian Citizen need a Schengen visa, when they visit Norway.  A Schengen visa is a document showing that they have received permission to enter Norway as well as other Schengen nations for a limited period of upto 90 days. The applicants may be granted Norway tourist visa, they intend to travel to Norway as a tourist, on a family visit, study visit, business trip or any other business purpose which does not need a work residence permit.

Schengen visa can be valid for one or multiple entries. First time travelers  as a general rule offered one entry visa. Those who have documented as well as adhered to the visa rules during the previous travels to Norway or the Schengen area as well as documented a need for several entries can be granted multiple entry visa. For all those travel frequently  for business purpose, those visa which have validity of 1-5 years may be offered .

In principle, almost all need Norway visit visa to visit Norway . Exemptions from the visa requirement do apply for national belonging to nations that that visa exemption agreements.

The following are the groups which are exempt from the visa requirement.

  • Nordic nationals
  • All Foreign nationals having valid passports from nations which Norway has entered into visa exemption agreements
  • Individuals having Valid Norwegian immigrants ‘s passport
  • Individuals having valid Norwegian refugee travel documents
  • Individuals who have residence permit in Norway and other Schengen nations.

Norway Tourist Visa from India can be applied and they are issued on a condition that the applicant leave’s the Schengen area before the visa expires. It is not possible to apply for Residence Permit (work, Au-Pair, family immigration ) whilst Norway on a Schengen visa, not is it possible to work (both paid and unpaid).

The applicants not only need a valid passport to enter Norway but they should also have enough money to finance their stay in Norway.

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