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Foreigners are going to be in demand in both skilled and unskilled labor category in Norway. Government officials predict that 2 of 3 workers will be a migrant in coming days.Jobs in Norway Sectors like maritime, healthcare, educational facilities, IT, construction, and manufacturing will hire more people to run their businesses efficiently. Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) anticipate highest percentage of growth in the construction industry. Tom Daniel E. Sunde, Director of NAV informs that the growth in the economy and the job market would not have been possible without the foreign workers. Foreigners have a major contribution to the country’s growth and prosperity. Companies can find skilled, unskilled and highly educated workers in Norway. This is attracting new companies to open their branches in Norway. Oslo, the capital city of Norway is the favorite destination for most businesses and immigrants. A Job Seeker Visa from Norway will allow foreigners to stay and search for a job for a period of 6 months. Once a job offer letter is issued, migrants can apply for “Skilled Worker Residence Permit”. This permit or visa allows the person to do the job and also to invite their partner and dependents to Norway. Check your eligibility for Norway, just fill our Free Evaluation Form or call 1800 103 1555. For more information connect with us on www.facebook.com/norwayvisas or log on to www.norwayvisas.com

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