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Norway’s Liberal Policies Attract More Skilled Professionals

Norway-Visit-VisaNorway is a wonderful nation with great natural beauty. This nation is one of the progressive countries with a robust economy.  Norway’s shipping industry is very wealthy and exports through sea ports contribute largely to the Norway economy. Historically, Norway is the country of immigrants, people from different parts of the world have settled there as migrants. In 1960’s and 1970’s an immigration of non-European countries have steadily increased.

The reasons for skilled professionals looking for opportunities abroad are liberal immigration policies and the free labor movement. Indians take a sizable portion of the total skilled immigrant workers. According to the 2007-2011 labor migrant report, Skilled Indians occupy a maximum share of over 17%, more Indian communities in Norway are investing, working contributing largely to the Norwegian economy.

Norway is easing the immigration policies to facilitate travel, business, and work in the country. Norway visa requirements are not complicated compared to the other European countries. The Norwegian economy is flourishing with immigrants and in the same time, tourism in Norway famous and attracts nature lovers and relatives of the immigrants to stay in Norway for a short period with Norway Visit Visas.

Following Norway Visa Requirements are Mandatory for Norway Visit Visa. 

  • A valid passport as a travel document.
  • Sufficient funds to travel.
  • Travel tickets (to and fro).
  • Health insurance.
  • Parent’s permission letter in case if minors are traveling.

Norway visit visa Application can be lodged at Norway consulates in your country. You can visit Norway through Schengen Visa as Norway has an understanding with the Schengen visa agreement. None of the two visas are extended except few extra-ordinary circumstances.

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