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Norwegian Politicians propose more hours of language training for immigrants

Most of the politicians in Norway want to make changes to the present immigration policy. The Labour Party (Ap) of Norway want to introduce new rules for immigrants to make them perfect for Norwegian labour market. This will include more hours of learning classes for Norwegian. Presently Norwegian language training is given only for 300 hours. Politicians have proposed to increase Norwegian language training courses to 600 hours and also keep an exam at the end of the study. Politician Anette Trettebergstuen is taking initiative to bring this scheme into place. She sas “In this way we can also make sure that the courses fit what you need in the workplace. And we must look at the possibility of practice arrangements for immigrants.” Opulentus NorwayThis new regulation if into place will help immigrant woman also who come as dependent to Norway and are unable to find job due to language problem. Norway is a country with enormous opportunities and its economy is basking with the glory of new natural resources deposits. People willing to settle in Norway can move to Norway with a 6 month Norway Job Seeker Visa. Get your profile evaluated for FREE by filling a simple Evaluation Form. Call us on 1800 103 1555 or sms “VISA” to 56263 for more information. Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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