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Oil & gas deposits bring focus on Norwegian town Kirkenes

One of the upcoming cities of Norway is Kirkenes as it sees rise in oil and gas resources. Situated on the border of Norway, the town is becoming the home town to some top oil and gas companies. The city shares its northern border with Russia, and this helps in trade and exports. Kirkenes treats Russia as a partner rather than a rival. A unique Schengen-style visa-free regime allows residents from Kirkenes and border Russian towns to do trade and visit. The oil and gas fields in Arctic are still not explored fully, and the operation costs make it impossible for companies to explore them. Deposits will remain unexplored till the global energy prices reduce. But as per analysts and economists, the prices will drop and this will help firms to work on 13% of world's untapped oil reserves and 30% of gas reserves. Opulentus NorwayThe hope rises with the melting of the ice cap in Arctic which will release not just oil, gas, minerals and fishes, but also a new trade route for Kirkenes.  It is predicted that the North East Passage along Russia's northern coast line will be ice-free for a minimum of 3 months, and 20 years down the line the route will be open year round. This will act as a better alternative to the Suez Canal which is being currently used for trade with European countries and China. The new route will reduce 4,000 miles from Shanghai-Europe journey. With many Arctic oil and shipping firms setting up their base in Kirkenes, extra homes are built in advance to accommodate the foreign workers. It is expected that the population of the city will rise by 20% with inflow of overseas workers. Norway offers Job Seeker Visa for people willing to move to and settle in Norway for a brighter future. The Norway Job Seeker Visa allows foreigners to stay and search for a job in Norway for 6 months. This is the time for professionals from oil and gas industries to apply for a job seeker visa and move to Norway. Check your eligibility by filling a simple FREE Evaluation Form. Call us on 1800 103 1555 to know more about Norway visas. Sms “VISA” to 56263 for immediate response. Share your views with us on Facebook.

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