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Oslo, the capital city of Norway has been organizing the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony since 1901. A committee of five members, appointed by the Storting (the Norwegian Parliament) chooses the Nobel Peace Prize winners. The nominations have already been filed. The jury received 231 nominations. 43 organizations have been nominated including the EU, UNICEF, the United Nations children’s fund, and GAVI.  GAVI is a public –private fund which is partly funded by Bill Gates. In individual candidates list, names like former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning, and former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl have been nominated. Nominations are made by lawmakers, universities professors, and former laureates from across the world. Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee also have the right to submit their nominations. Nobel Peace Prize Winner is announced in the month of October, and the award is presented on December 10 every year at Oslo. Norway is one of most beautiful country in Europe and is known for its Nobel Peace Prize, fishing industry and the natural beauty. Off-late Norway is attracting many renowned companies to establish their business and enjoy the tax and infrastructure benefits provided by the country. With growing number of companies and developing economy, Norway is sure to attract foreign skilled workers. This is the right time to apply for your visa for Norway. Start your journey to Norway by filling a simple and FREE Evaluation Form. Talk to our experts at 1800 103 1555. Connect with us on Facebook. Visit Opulentus for detailed information.

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