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Apply Permanent Residency Under Norway Green Card

Norway has been rated as best place to live in the world for about 6 year by the UN, with some of the highest levels of life expectancy, health, quality of living and education required to be found. The cost of living in Norway is bit high when compared to other nations; the govt does offer very generous social and other services to citizens as well as residents. A Norway Green Card is a plastic card that is in the form of credit card format. If the individuals have been offered this card, which means he has been offered permanent residence in Norway. Everyone who desires residence permit in Norway and who is not an EU/EEA national must have such a card.  This particular card is valid for the same period as your residence permit. Once the residence permit expires, they individuals must apply for a new residence permit to be issued a new residence card. If the individuals have a Norway Permanent Residence Permit, then those permits is valid for two years, and if they have a permanent right of residence, then the card is valid for ten years. Once the card expires, they must order a new card. The individuals can apply for Norway permanent residency under Green Card Scheme in Norway if they are living in  3 years or more years in Norway. The immigration laws of Norway does require that the three-year period is continuous, which meant the individuals living in Norway full. The individuals can spend nearing to seven months outside Norway over this three-year period, even though each absence cannot be longer than three months. Norway is not part of European Union, even though it is part of the EEA. It does have numerous treaties with EU nation that offer the same individual status as other member nations, part of Schengen treaty.  It allows the exchange of traveler data between the EU as well as EU nations so that travel within the European zone is easier. For more information about this, please fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ 

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