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Reasons to Invest in Norway
Posted on: 18 Oct 2012  |   Tags: Invest in Norway , Migrate to Norway , Settle in Norway ,

Norway is a small country with lots of natural resources. Oil, natural gases and sea foods have changed the country's economy and future. Norway is the one of the largest exporter of natural gas and oil. It's the second largest exporter of sea food in the world. Norway consistently ranks in top in many global rankings, such as Global Competitiveness Index, Human Development Index, etc. Opulentus NorwayWhy You Should Invest in Norway? 1. Norway has a budget surplus every year. 2. Abundant quantity of natural resources. 3. Second highest GDP per capita among the developed nations. 4. Easy availability of skilled professionals 5. Part of EU, so access to most of the local and international markets 6. Reasonable tax amount 7. Office spaces available 8. Full Government support Migrate to and invest in Norway. Norway welcomes foreign nationals to come to Norway and explore the opportunities available in the country. Check your eligibility and move to Norway. Call us on 1800 103 1555. Mail your resume to visa@opulentuz.com

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