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Norway is known for its huge reserves of seafood, fresh water, hydropower, petroleum, natural gas, minerals and lumber deposits. Norway is one of the countries with the highest GDP for its exports in these products. Seafood export is the influential factor for Norway’s economy. Seafood is exported to countries like Russia, Sweden, Denmark and other European countries. At present seafood export has revenue of about NOK 90 billion. This will grow by many folds in the coming years. Researchers expect the revenue to be at NOK 550 billion by 2050. Seafood is an eternal source and will play a major role for Norway’s future. Salmon and cod are the major exported seafood to neighboring countries. OpulentusSeafood industries are not all about fishing and fisheries. There are different segments in this industry that will make this enormous growth possible. With the growing exports, there is bound to be a demand for skilled and unskilled professionals in the fishing sector. Skilled professionals like aquaculture workers, fish farm workers for different kinds of fishes and technical people for various positions in the export industry will be in demand with the growing exports and fishing industry. This is the right time to move to Norway with a suitable job in the relevant field. Professionals from fishing and aquaculture industry should take this as an opportunity and move to Norway. Settle in Norway and enjoy the growing economy and an international life style. Fill a simple FREE Evaluation Form to see your chances of moving and settling in Norway. Call our Norway immigration experts on 1800 103 1555. Share your views about Norway on our Facebook page. For more information please visit Opulentus.

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