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Parat Halvorsen AS got order for 2 new oil fired boiler plants from Simek Shipyard for its new buildings. The boiler plants will be utilized for both hot water and steam production. A complete steam injection system will be installed in the boiler plants for ORO tank heating. Three pass design of the oil fired boiler makes it cover less area than standard design boilers.  The boilers will ease and accelerate the operations at the Shipyard. The new buildings were built by Skipsteknisk AS. These buildings have ST-216 architecture and have a dimension of approximately 85 x 19.2 m. 20-25 crew members can be accommodated inside these buildings. Norway’s shipping, shipbuilding and fisheries industry are flourishing with the growing demand of neighboring countries. Norway looks to increase the exports in these sectors and enhance its trade relations. Consumption in the country has also risen with the increase in number of inhabitants. Migrants prefer Norway over other European countries for its developing economy, job market, social security benefits and standard of life. Educational facilities of the country are also of high standards. English being the main language, migrants find it easy to do hob and settle in Norway. Explore the opportunities available in Norway. Fill a simple and FREE Evaluation Form. Talk to our Norway experts at 1800 103 1555 Connect with us on Facebook. Visit Opulentus for detailed information.

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