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Travel Diaries: 5 Reasons to Keep Norway on travel list
Posted on: 29 Jun 2016  |   Tags: ,

Norway is an excellent place for anyone who needs a break from the chaos of everyday life. The calm, serene, and cool country has so much to offer to a person who is dragging to the level of exhaustion. Norway’s lifestyle and beauty will attract anybody from any corner of this world. I have the five best reasons for you to write country on your list of travel destinations today:

  1. Fjords:
fjord Norway is undoubtedly the most exciting place to visit. It can mesmerize and motivate anyone with its beauty. Put it on your bucket list right NOW!
  1. Skiing:
skiing No one in the world will leave Norway without having and experience Skiing. It is Norwegians favorite sport and favorite activity to pass their time. The first ski was discovered in Norway! First ski- jumper was from Norway. It is a pride for Norwegians to ski. So don’t miss it!  
  1. Elks and reindeer:
mr_november_final_web_1_big It feels like Santa Clause picks his reindeer from Norway itself. These winter beasts are a vision to look at. It is said that people would rather hit a tree or a bear while driving in Norway rather than an Elk or a Reindeer. Go and look for yourself but don’t go and hit yourself with something else as well.  
  1. Coffee:
coffee (3) Had a nice sleep? Need a coffee? Are you in Norway? Grab a coffee. Norwegians are so passionate about their coffees that they lose count while drinking them. Every corner has a coffee shop. They drink much more coffee than any other country.  
  1. Waffles:
waffles (4) So what if Belgium is famous for Waffles? Norway has its share of fame in it. It is the most popular street food! Waffle is sour cream and jam…Yummy!!!   Still wondering what you should do and why you should go to Norway? These are the few major reasons. You wanna know more?? Log on to www.opulentuz.com and get all formalities done.

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