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Travel to Norway-Preferred Destination

Norway has superb facilities and magnificent scenery. Fishing in deep sea and Outstanding freshwater does make Norway a preferred as well as special destination. Who Requires a Visa to Travel to Norway ?Norway-Visit-Visa In principle, almost all, need Norway Visit Visa to visit Norway. We find exemption from requirement of visa does apply to national’s belonging to nation’s which have agreement for visa exemption. The below groups are exempt from requirement of Visa to Visit Norway

  • Nordic National’s
  • Foreign citizens belonging to nations wherein Norway has entered an agreement for Visa exemption
  • Individuals having travel document Norwegian refugee which are valid
  • Individuals holding residence permits in Norway as well as other Schengen nations
  • Individuals holding passport of Norwegian immigrants, which are valid.
If individuals visa application is approved Those individuals whose visa application has been approved, they are  required to have valid as well as travel medical insurance and should be having a minimum of EUR 30,000  as the euro is single currency which is shared in 19 EU member state’s . The individuals are also required to submit the documents relating to insurance  to receive visa. All individuals who are interested to work , study or continue to live in Norway along with a spouse or family member should apply for the residence permit from UDI. Move to Norway to Visit Those individuals who wish to move to Norway to Visit do require a valid passport.  The  passport should be valid for minimum 3 months after the date for which visa is offered. The individuals are also required to have sufficient money not only cover the cost of journey to Norway,  but also the cost of their stay. Those individuals who do not have enough amount of funds,  may get rejected at the border even if they have granted visa. In a few cases, we find a financial guarantee offered by a person, whom you are going to meet, would cover  subsistence as  well as return journey would be sufficient.The guarantee form should be filed by the individual whom you are going meet and should be stamped by the police. For more information about this, please fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ 

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