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What are the requirements of a Norway visit visa?

Norway Visitor VisasPeople willing to travel to Norway have to apply for a visitor visa or a schengen visa. Norway visit visa is a document that demonstrates that an individual has the consent to enter Norway and the other nations of schengen area for a minimum period of 90 days.

Norway visitor visa has to be granted if an individual intends to travel to the country for the purpose of tourism, visiting family, business trip, study or any other such purpose, which do not require a residence or a work permit.

What is a Norway visit visa?

Norway became the part of schengen act with effect from 25 March 2001.Applications for Norway visit visa have to filed at the Norway embassy if the main destination is Norway. However, if the main destination is the country other than Norway then the applications have to be filed at their respective destinations.

Norway visit visa is a visa applicable for short term for a maximum duration of 90 days in the schengen area. Following the completion of the visa validity the applicant is allowed to enter schengen area only after a new visit visa is issued.

Applicants, who wish to stay in Norway exceeding 90 days, have to file their applications for a residence permit before entering the country. A Norway visit visa is granted if the applicant leaves the schengen visa prior to the expiry of the visa. An individual does not hold the right to file applications for a residence permit during the stay in the country on a visit visa .It is neither possible to engage in a paid or an unpaid work.

Norway visit visa with multiple entry

A Norway visit visa may be applicable for more than one entry. Visitors who enter the country for the first time will be issued with one entry visa. However, those applicants, who have documented that they have followed the visa rules during their previous trips to Norway or schengen area and show that they have a need to enter Norway more than once may be given a visit visa for multiple times. Business travelers may be issued a Norway visit visa for multiple times valid for a period ranging from one to five years.

Tourist attractions in Norway

Viking Ship Museum, Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park, Holmenkollen, National Gallery Fram Museum are some of the tourist attractions of Norway.

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