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What Points to Consider, Before Deciding to Study in Norway?
Posted on: 27 Jul 2015  |   Tags: ,

NorwayAccording to the study portals, international student satisfaction award 2014, Norway is an highly appreciated study destination in Europe.  This particular award was given, based on the views it has received from nearing to 7000 students who  have shared their impressions on the world’s largest database of the international student experience. Norway has received a final score of 9 out of 10,  thus occupying the 7th place in Europe of in terms of international student satisfaction. The results are based on the reviews of 155 international students, who have commented their experience as to what it was to Study in Norway. The student satisfaction offers interesting information about how international students view their experiences of Studying Abroad in Norwegian universities and elsewhere in Europe. As part of the awards, about 6 universities in Norway have received a distinction. BI Norwegian Business  school is not only ranked 1st but it was successful in getting excellent rating. . It has received  9 out of 10, followed by the (NTNU) Norwegian University of Science and Technology, UiT the Artic University of Norway and university of Oslo also have received excellent rating.  We find other  Norwegian universities to be awarded good include University of Agder and the  University of Bergen.

What should you consider before deciding to study in Norway?

Norway offers a  great variety of educational options and student facilities at universities in Norway do come for a price. Most student do mention that  high cost of living as well as high accommodation might discourage students who are coming from the lower income nations. But still , we find most students consider their overall experience worth the extra cost. For more information about this, please fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ 

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