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Norway41Are you curious to settle in Norway? If you have an education degree from the University in some specialized skills required by the Norway. Then it would be easy for you to apply for the residence permit and work permit. The skilled professionals must be able to gain expertise before they are prepared to ask for the work permit in the Norway. Their professional experience must be useful to the Norway industry. The people with specialized degrees, university education and a valid job offer from the Norway employer will fetch you the residence permit. Importance will be given to the skilled workers who already have job contract from the Norway firm. The job offer must specify all the conditions of the employment provided to the foreign national with intent to work in Norway. The period of employment, the wage criteria everything has to be included in the job offer. The position available to the employee has to be a full-time work opportunity. Even if you do not have a valid job offer, you can apply for the Norway residence permit for job seekers that would be valid for six months, during the temporary permit you can search for the job. After finding the job, you can apply for the work permit. This article provides basic information about the immigration. Immigration procedures for the country change based on the foreign policies, the skilled professionals must seek the help of immigration consultants who can guide you through the necessary procedures of the immigration.

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