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Winter in Norway

The "Snow white" beautiful Norway! In the season of winter, Norway usually transformed into a snow-clad white heaven. But the harsh winter is enjoyable. However, the whole countries don’t get covered. In the lower coastal area, the temperature is pleasant and winter seems like an extension of the autumn If you live above the Arctic Circle there is a period of time when the sun doesn’t appear for 24 hours and it is called a Polar Night. The higher you go above the Arctic Circle, the more numbers of Polar Nights you get.  The Extreme north area, Tromsø is 350 kilometers above the Arctic Circle and has 60 Polar Nights in a row. Norway comes among top 5 most visited country in 2016. Below are some of the winter attractions in Norway:

  • The Northern Light: Sky has no limit with the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights is world’s most spectacular natural phenomena and up north Norway is one of the best places in the world to watch the sky light show. The clear sky of December to March gives you the best chance to catch the lights in their full-colour glory. Best places are the higher Arctic Circle region includes Tromsø and Svalbard up to the North Cape.
  • Tromsø the gateway to the North is one intense party town that serves tourist with unlimited night fun with drinks and sleepless nights.
  • Ride the world's most powerful tide. Enjoy sea fishing, eagle watching, diving, as well as just savouring the spectacle of the 255 m wide sea-fjord.
  • Get an insight into Sami culture.
  • There are more than 6,000 rock drawings dating back to prehistoric times in the northeast area, Alta. The Alta fjord area and its 7,000-year-old carvings are now the UNESCO protected site and visitors can witness many of the carvings at Hjemmeluft or Kåfjordfeltet. The Alta Museum in Hjemmeluft is a wealth of information the tourists.
  • Hit the heights of Svalbard. An island of Pyramid Mountains situated midway between Northern Norway and the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean will test the nerve of any tourist.
  • Taste a winter feast with the Vikings. In 1989 in Bodø, the largest ever longhouse of the Viking Age was fo Travelers can see the restored building at the Lofotr Viking Museum.
  • A stay in an ice hotel will give you a fairy tale. It remains open from December until April.
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